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Lifestyle 1000 Adjustable Bed Base

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4.88 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings

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Transform your bedroom into a tranquil retreat! Adjustable bed bases are the ideal foundation for your customized sleep system. Whether watching TV, working, or sleeping, you’ll be able to find the perfect position with the touch of a button.

  • Wireless Remote.
  • One Touch Flat Button – Easily return the base to flat with the touch of a button.
  • Head and Foot Articulation. Effortlessly raise the head, foot, or both simultaneously to find your perfect relaxation position.
  • Upholstered frame.
  • Zero-Clearance platform bed friendly.
  • 850-lb. Lift Capacity – This high-performance base easily lifts up to 850 lbs. total maximum weight, including the mattress.
  • Adjustable legs 0″ – 9″.
  • 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Be sure to read our Why Do We Sleep Flat? guide to discover what’s been missing from your sleep system. An adjustable bed base is a great way to add unlimited comfort positioning to your bed. Unwind to your preferred position to relax after a long day.

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8 reviews for Lifestyle 1000 Adjustable Bed Base

  1. Carol Y.

    We liked the service and the explanation by the sales person regarding the different types…

  2. Steve S.

    Gary brazee my sales guy …had us sleep in a few beds. Ran a bunch of sleep tests and positions asked us a lot of questions to get a feel for why we would have back problems and sore muscles when we woke up. He fitted us with an adjustable base and put it into perspective that we spend more time in bed then we think so helped us understand that spending the kind of money on a bed that we did was a wise purchase ….im glad ne did bc for 2 weeks now i havent woke with any pain and have more energy for my 10 hr days then i have in a long time

  3. Robert C.

    We found the perfect combination of mattress firmness and adjustable base — we’re sleeping better and feeling rested and happy when we wake up. The sales staff was helpful, the zero-percent financing option makes our sleep solution affordable, and the installation was quick and hassle-free. They even went the extra mile to deliver a part that the base manufacturer left out of the package.

  4. George V.

    We are very happy with the bed and mattress. I have less problems with my back and hip thanks for being there.

  5. Bob C.

    I am sleeping better on my new mattress than on my old one. I also like the adjustable base that I bought with it. I think it also helps me with my comfort level and to sleep better at night.

  6. Patricia S.

    Sleeping great!!

  7. Timothy M.

    The bed is terrific. I am asleep in less than 10 minutes, and comfortable all night long. I do not have a back ache when I wake up as I did previously. This was a great purchase.

  8. Lynn L.

    This is the best bed I’ve every had and I love the adjustable base. This is a great bed. Well worth the price. I’ve never bought an expensive bed before – but I would again if needed.