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Bedgear Performance Sheets

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The path to performance begins with quality sleep.  Quality sleep begins with the right sleep system.  Select from a variety of performance sheets and colors to complete your personalized sleep system for maximum recovery at night.  Like the clothing you work out in or wear in inclement weather, what makes the most difference in your body’s ability to adapt to the environment is optimal breathability and overall comfort.

Soft Basic sheets are 100% Polyester, silky soft and exceptionally comfortable as well as wrinkle and stain resistant.

Hyper-Cotton Performance sheets will help you sleep cool and dry to ensure maximum recovery at night.  The quick-dry breathable fabric made with eco-friendly fibers is durable, wrinkle, bacteria and allergen resistant.

Dri-Tec Performance sheets are made of Performance Polyester Fabric that facilitates air circulation, without trapping heat, for optimal body temperature regulation and comfort.  The soft, conforming material moves with you throughout the night and provides a no cling, no pull stretch.

Dri-Tec Lite Performance sheets are made of Performance Polyester Fabric and feature heat and moisture-wicking technology to keep you feeling cool and dry while you sleep.  Recommended for Spring/Summer seasons to provide cooler sleep, the feather-weight feel won’t cling to your body on those warm nights.

Sheet Sets Include:
For Twin and Twin XL: 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet and 1 Pillow Case
For Other Sizes: 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases