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BedGear Circadian Series Night 3.0 Performance Pillow

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The Night 3.0 Performance Pillow is SLEEP TESTED for side sleepers or large body types.

The unique dual-chamber construction of the Circadian Series features a Boost foam crown and Boost foam blend which ensures weightless pressure relief that won’t bottom out, creating the perfect pillow for soft support with no rebound. BOOST™ ACTIVE SUSPENSION – Combined with the custom silk-feel fibers, Bedgear created an exclusive fill that is hypoallergenic, breathable and soft, with exceptional conforming traits. Resilient, but not resistant, our Boost™ foam blend provides dynamic, smooth motion performance that eliminates pillow bounce and helps ensure deep sleep.

The Air-X ventilated panels increase airflow and feature a filter fabric which prevents allergens and dander from entering the pillow core.

The Ver-Tex 6.0 climate control fabric provides a cool to touch feeling and continuous heat deflection, regulating your body temperature for a cooler nights rest.

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1 review for BedGear Circadian Series Night 3.0 Performance Pillow

  1. Jane P.

    We are both sleeping VERY WELL with the purchase of our new BEDGEAR sidesleeper pillows. I had bought a “stomach sleeper” about 3 years ago and discovered I know sleep on my side so my nights are much more restful! Great investment!