Everything In Stock! FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS over $599.99

Everything In Stock! FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS over $599.99

Beautyrest SmartMotion 1.0 Adjustable Base

Beautyrest Smartbase 1.0
Beautyrest Smartbase 1.0 profileBeautyrest Smartbase 1.0 Remote HolderBeautyrest Smartbase 1.0 RemoteBeautyreast Smartbase App on Tablet

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In a world that increasingly demands more from us, accomplishing your daytime goals requires successful sleep during the night.  Introducing Beautyrest® SmartMotion™ Base powered by Sleeptracker®—the innovative sleep optimization system with highly accurate multistage sleep tracking that captures precise readings of light, deep and REM sleep states and synthesizes your results into real-time solutions.

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Be sure to read our Why Do We Sleep Flat? guide to discover what’s been missing from your sleep system.


Product Details

The Beautyrest® SmartMotion™ System combines an innovative bed base, advanced motion and bio-sensors and the Sleeptracker® smartphone app designed to help you sleep and wake up better with personal sleep feedback.  This advanced system works seamlessly to identify multistage sleep habits to help you improve your overall quality of sleep and well-being.  The Sleeptracker® technology seamlessly partners with you to assist in four different ways: Falling Asleep, Staying Asleep, Waking Up and Customized Coaching.

Unlike most sleep trackers, there is no need to keep a device on you or near you. All sensors are discretely integrated into the SmartMotion™ Base, so you can focus on deep, comfortable sleep.  The user-friendly smartphone app makes it simple to review personal sleep data, receive customized coaching and control sleep settings such as Sleep Cycle Alarm times.

  • Adjustable Head and Foot Angles
  • Adjustable Height Legs 3”, 6” and 9”
  • Wireless Remote
  • Remote Holder
  • Platform Bed Compatibility
  • Zero G® Preset Position—raises legs above heart
  • Battery Backup Lowering Function
  • SmartSync™ Pairing Systen—operates two bases simultaneously
  • Smooth Power™ Lifting System
  • Next Generation Silent Drive™ Motors
  • Zero Standby Power™ System
  • Weight Limit 650 per unit
  • Radio Frequency Pairing Technology
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty (see warranty card for details)

Be sure to read our Why Do We Sleep Flat? guide to discover what’s been missing from your sleep system.


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