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Aspirations Memory Foam Pillow

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Comfort Concepts LogoSoon to become your “go to” pillow!  Memory foam lasts longer, feels great and is standard material in high-end pillows and mattresses.

The Aspirations Pillow is made with premium memory foam puffs offering a soft, contouring pillow comfort.  Puffed memory foam adjusts with the sleeper, matching the body’s curves for exceptional pressure relief.  Unlike solid core memory foam pillows, puffed memory foam allows air to circulate throughout the pillow providing a cooler sleep surface. Memory foam pillows actively contour and support the shoulders and neck, offering superior comfort and pressure relief. Features a silky soft-to-the-touch lush knit zippered cover for easy laundering.

The pillow is compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed in a tubular shaped package. You will find when you open your pillow from the vacuum sealed package, you’ll want to “knead and fluff” it to get it to its optimum state. There will be a small amount of fabric shedding from the pillow as you work it to loosen up all of the fibers.  We suggest you take the pillow out of its packaging and shake it aggressively for 30-60 seconds to expedite the expansion process of the memory foam and remove all loose threads from shedding.

Standard size 24″ x 18″

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