Mattress Buying 101

The Evolution of the Mattress

This isn't your grandparent's mattress! Over the last 20 to 25 years the evolution of the mattress has been drastic. There was a time that virtually the only choices you had when shopping for a mattress were HARD and HARDER. The idea that "A hard bed is the best thing for a bad back" has since been proven untrue. The key to great back support is not HARDNESS, the key is Support and proper Spinal Alignment. Support and Spinal Alignment comes from the FIRMNESS of a support system or in other words it's the proper distribution of body weight to maintain a straight and relaxed position for your spine. Countless studies have shown that the addition of comfort layers (padding) actually improves the alignment of your spine while also relieving pressure points and enhancing circulation. Relief of pressure points allows for better circulation and a lower chance of arms or hips "falling asleep" under you.

Take a Look at Your Current Bed

How long have you had it? The average mattress should last about 8 years depending in its quality. Often times, people who think they're experiencing "back problems" have simply waited too long to replace their old mattress.

What do you like about your old bed? Would you like to have a little more padding for comfort? Or is it time to get a bigger size? If you have a partner that shares your bed, do you both agree on a comfort level?

Find a Retailer

What brands do they carry? A mattress is an investment. Make sure you choose a retailer that carries trusted top quality manufacturers and brands. Larger manufacturers tend to have better Research and Development as well as quality control and a longstanding knowledge of building long lasting, quality bedding.

Ask a friend. Have any of your friends or family members recently made a new bedding purchase? Ask what they liked about the bedding and retailer that they dealt with. Also, ask if there's anything you should keep in mind based on their shopping experience. Your friends and family can offer the most trustworthy reviews.

Identify the Services You Will Require

Most retailers offer a wide array of service to accompany your bedding purchase. Make sure that the retailer you choose offers delivery and set-up as well as offering the removal of old bedding.

Ask about whether the retailer offers programs such as a "Comfort Trial" in the event that you select the wrong mattress.

A new mattress is a long term investment. Ask about any financing offers that may be available to extend the amount of time you have to pay for your new bed. Finance programs often allow consumers to stretch out the payment of the purchase and may allow you to afford better quality set of bedding.

Take Your Time in the Store

A common mistake made by consumers is to rush through trying beds. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing, and make sure you spend enough time lying on each mattress. Remember, you're going to spend nearly 1/3 of your life on your new mattress, so take your time!

Listen to your body! What your body finds comfortable and what you think you need to be comfortable are often two totally different things. Don't rely too much on what other people tell you is the "Mattress for You". Your body should feel relaxed, and your spine should be in a straight line. Make sure you try the bed in the same position that you sleep in. Trying a mattress flat on your back doesn't do you much good if you normally sleep on your side.

Ask Questions and Listen to the Experts

A reputable retailer like Metro Mattress will have a knowledgeable and helpful sales staff to aide you in making the right decision. After all, you don't shop for a mattress often. Ask questions and identify the features and benefits that fit you best. For example, a person who snores should inquire about an adjustable Power Foundation.

Prepare for Your Delivery

When arranging delivery with the retailer, make sure you consider the room in which the new bed will be set up. Is there a narrow stairway or sharp corner that will need to be negotiated in your home? You may want to consider a "Split" (2-piece) Foundation.

Take a look at the sample in the store. Just about every mattress can be lowered in height by ordering a "Low Profile" foundation. This special order foundation can lower the height of your sleep set by 3-4 inches.

Make sure you remove linens from your old bed and prepare a clear and unobstructed path to the bedroom where your new bed will be set up.

The Metro Mattress Difference

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Pillow Top: Pillow Top Mattresses offer extra layers of cushion to pamper your body, while not compromising your support!

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Plush: A Plush (or Luxury) mattress has every bit of the support as a firm model, with just the perfect amount of comfort material to relieve your pressure points.

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Firm: An excellent support system with very little padding. Perfect for those who want their bed as hard as possible.