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Over the last 20 to 25 years the evolution of the mattress has been drastic. There was a time that virtually the only choices you had when shopping for a mattress were HARD and HARDER. The idea that "A hard bed is the best thing for a bad back" has since been proven untrue. The key to great back support is not HARDNESS, the key is Support and proper Spinal Alignment.

Support and Spinal Alignment comes from the FIRMNESS of a support system or in other words, it's all about the proper distribution of body weight on a well-designed support system which promotes a straight and relaxed position for your spine. Countless studies have shown that the addition of comfort layers (padding) actually improves the alignment of your spine while also relieving pressure points and enhancing blood circulation while you sleep. Relief of pressure points allows for better circulation and a lower chance of arms or hips "falling asleep" under you.

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Pillow Top: Pillow Top Mattresses offer extra layers of cushion to pamper your body, while not compromising your support!

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Plush: A Plush (or Luxury) mattress has every bit of the support as a firm model, with just the perfect amount of comfort material to relieve your pressure points.

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Firm: An excellent support system with very little padding. Perfect for those who want their bed as hard as possible.